Amsterdam is not just sex and drugs, it is also full of Rock & Roll (and just about every other musical genre), so welcome to Live Around Amsterdam, where we put live music FIRST!

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A lot of bars in Amsterdam can show live football on TV; all the English Premier League matches are carried live by the local cable TV, but if you want English commentary, or sports like rugby and cricket, look for a bar with a Sky Sports sign. You can find some of our favourites on our Sport Bars page.

Gig List

Saturday 17th November

20:00: The Waterhole,
The Sundown, Rock
21:00: The End Karaoke,
Karaoke, over 40,000 English/Dutch songs to choose from. Open til 3
21:00: Molly Malone's,
The Mary Wallopers, Irish folk ballads
22:00: Cafe Del Mondo,
Mosquito, Latin Pop Rock
22:30: Maloe Melo,
The Tunning Band + Euronesi, Rock bands from Indonesia
22:30: The Waterhole,
Waste, Rock
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